So you have a business? Never foget the ABCs of Marketing!
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So you have a business? Never foget the ABCs of Marketing!

Many different channels, tools, tricks or however you want to call them, are available today to help you promote your products or services, in your attempt to attract new customers.


There are so many, that it is easy to lose sight of the marketing basics that you must always keep in mind:

A) Aim to the right market:

Clearly define who your ideal client is. What type of person or business buys what you offer? What motivates them? Where do they live? How old are they? Where do you get informed?

Ask yourself everything you can think of, about your ideal customer, and once you have all the answers, ask where you should be networking in order to make your business known by your ideal client, or to his/her s influencers. Once you get the answers to these questions, take action!

B) Benefits, not products:

Always remember that customers do not really want the product or service you provide. They seek the benefits of your services to solve a problem or need they have. Think about it: the customers of a web design agency, do not want new features or design for their site, they seek to look good, appear professional, and attract new customers. Likewise, customers of a plumber, are not interested in plumbing, but they definitely need to fix a leaking pipe!.

If you need help to realize what are the benefits that your customers are looking for, just ask them! Then, focus your marketing message in the solutions they need.

C) Create Confidence:

Customers do not want to be sold. They are looking to buy from people they know and trust. You must become a trusted source for your prospects, providing information to help them make an informed decision. 

For example, you can become a resource to the local press about your main subject, an expert whom they can regularly consult whenever they need information.

Additionally, you can easily get your message out to thousands of people through the marketing tools that Groobix provides to your business, quickly promoting your brand and your knowledge in the major social networks to build this confidence, and get new prospects.

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